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App Locker Fingerprint - Gallery Locker - Lock app Screenshot 1
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About App Locker Fingerprint - Gallery Locker - Lock app

Sometimes you come across dilemma suggestions about borrowing your phone. You do not want them to access private content? So, let’s use our secure lock app fingerprint unlock.
Let use app locker fingerprint & pattern, pin code and privacy protection. With friendly interface, our app lock message will surely make you satisfied.

These features are ready for you to use:
Lock apps and protect privacy
+ Support lock apps fingerprint and pattern, pin code
+ Optional applications you want protect
+ Application locker and gallery hider, lock gallery picture & video vault
+ Lock apps for apps with 1 touch
+ Diverse lock theme
+ User-friendly interface of protect app lock app
+ Small app capacity
+ Free finger security lock for all apps and folders

Message locker app
- Hide message preview content
- Message content is absolutely confidential

Identify intruders
* Take pictures of people who intentionally open your phone
* Keep your phone safe

Note: Fingerprint app lock function only works on phones that support fingerprint security.

The development team has created app locking applications to protect user privacy. From now, you will not need to worry about someone borrowing your phone and accessing your privacy. You can lock photos, lock videos, lock messages to strangers can not see.

If you have any questions during using application, leave a comment below. And please introduce the application to your relatives, friends so they can lock apps fingerprint, gallery locker video and photos.

So with just a few simple steps, you can protect your own privacy. Lock apps, lock photo and videos, lock messages ... all in their apps. If you love the app secure lock app, don't forget to rate 5*
✉ For more information, please contact with us via mail: [email protected]

adefegha adetunji
In my opinion this is best app locker with fingerprint scan option because almost all other were easily disable/closed by other restricted users using current all app close option
hina manzoor
Excellent app
Nilanga Sampath