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About Financial Calculator Pro EF

EF solves your financial problems.
It's an easy calculator for everyone.

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- Bonds
- Convert interest rate to discount rate.
- Price Bonds.

Personal Finance
- Discount Calculator
- Percentage Calculator
- "Regla de tres"
- Tip Calculator
- Currency

- Interest rate
- Present and Future Value, Simple Interest.
- Compound Interest
- Annuities
- Net Present Value
- IRR (Technical support Abraham Torres)
- Amortization (three types)(Technical support Abraham Torres)

Financial Ratios
- Liquidity Measurement
- Debt Ratios
- Operating Performance Ratios
- Profitability Indicator Ratios
- Others

Derivatives Markets
- Options: buy a call, sell a call, buy a put and sell a put. You can graph.
- Black - Scholes Model (Dividend).

From my first contact in 1987 in Rosario B.C.North MEkiko finances bursatil manual and me CANON Financier II calkulos Eureka !!!YOU
Despektrumer Despektikering. Spektrums
Francois Van Der Hulle
Very nice app for economics
A Google user