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About Aglet - the sneaker game

Waking up early to take L after L to bots and try-hards every time you try to cop new sneakers? Tired of missing out on grails or simply not have enough cash to score your favorite kicks? Aglet is here to help you scratch that itch, COP YOUR FAVORITES, and explore the world! The first location-based, virtual shopping game for sneakerheads around the globe is available for iOS and a whole community of like-minded players are waiting for you to come play!

Join SNEAKERHEADS and gamers the world over who are exploring their cities, earning in-game currency and building the sickest, most holiest of GRAIL SNEAKER collections ever seen. Do you have what it takes to become the SNEAKER DON and collect the very best and rarest kicks? DJ Khaled, Lil Yachty and Desus Nice have got nothing on you…. If you have what it takes!

Be sure to turn on push notifications so you never miss out on our virtual sneaker drops in your city – real fire hits our shop regularly, and IF YOU DON'T PLAY YOU CAN'T COP!

You earn our in-game currency – Aglet – by walking around. Your steps convert into currency and the sneakers you rock while you’re walking as well as the weather can BOOST your earnings substantially! You want the newest fire? Hustle up and grind your way into the fat wallet you need to snag the latest drops.

Get out there and experience the world, we’ve HIDDEN SNEAKERS and Treasure Stashes at some dope spots. You can find and collect virtual sneakers using your phone as you’re out and about – and these locations update dynamically and regularly. Life is an adventure and Aglet rewards you for taking the journey.

Between regular SHOP DROPS, random SHOCK DROPS, and the ALL NEW MARKETPLACE there are always new kicks to buy. Plus you can FLIP YOUR HEAT on the Marketplace to earn even more Aglet, levelling up your game and your sneaker shelf at the same time!

Got an urge to DESIGN YOUR OWN KICKS? Want a chance to earn FREE STUFF just by hustling in the game? Ready to earn exclusive one-of-one in-game kicks and win contests to GET FREE IRL SNEAKERS? Aglet runs regular, super-fun events and competitions for you to collaborate with and COMPETE against other players around the world!

Our new Collections feature rewards you for copping complete sets. The more Collections you complete, the closer you become to earning the title SNEAKER DON. Plus Aglet runs quarterly competitions to reward you for completing full Collections. Earn rad, free stuff just by collecting WHAT YOU LOVE.

Certain sneakers are so limited, there’s only one of them in the world. Good thing we’ve got you covered. The sandals that Jesus wore during the Resurrection? Bet. Neal Armstrong’s boots he wore on the moon? Check. The New Balance that Steve Jobs wore when announcing the iPhone? Put that on wax.

Your kicks get worn out when you wear them, and it's no different when playing Aglet. When your sneaker starts losing its earning power, hit up your local DEADSTOCK and REPAIR STATIONS - they are all around your town. You can also purchase SNEAKER SHINE in the shop for a quick refresh on your favorite shoes.

COMPETE against other SNEAKERHEADS around the world in a VIRTUAL SNEAKER BATTLE ROYALE to solve clues, check-in to destinations, and WIN SOME REAL heat. Gotta EARN your keep on Aglets. No bots here.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Aglet?

Aglet is a location-based, virtual shopping game for sneakerheads that allows players to explore their cities, earn in-game currency, and build their sneaker collections.

How can I earn Aglet?

You can earn Aglet, the in-game currency, by walking around. Your steps convert into currency, and the sneakers you wear and the weather can boost your earnings.

How can I explore my city in Aglet?

In Aglet, you can explore your city to find hidden sneakers and treasure stashes at various locations. These locations update regularly, providing an adventure-like experience.

How can I buy sneakers in Aglet?

Aglet offers regular shop drops, random shock drops, and a marketplace where you can buy new kicks. You can also flip your own sneakers on the marketplace to earn more Aglet.

Are there any exclusive events and contests in Aglet?

Yes, Aglet runs exclusive live events and contests where you can design your own kicks, earn free stuff, and even win real-life sneakers. It's a chance to collaborate and compete with other players globally.

Can I collect special and limited edition sneakers in Aglet?

Yes, Aglet allows you to collect special 1 of 1 sneakers that are extremely limited. These include iconic sneakers like the ones worn by Jesus, Neal Armstrong, and Steve Jobs.

How can I recharge my sneakers in Aglet?

Your sneakers in Aglet can lose their earning power when worn out. To recharge them, you can visit local deadstock and repair stations or purchase sneaker shine in the shop for a quick refresh.

Can I compete with other players in Aglet?

Absolutely! Aglet allows you to compete against other sneakerheads globally in a virtual sneaker battle royale. Solve clues, check-in to destinations, and win some real heat to earn your keep. No bots involved.
Glad its on android now
duncan donuts
Game is fun, interactive and has lots of interesting features, it's well designed and isn't to fast paced while still being engaging
Nyima Wangchuk
Unique and good game that i found for fitness and collecting digital shoes (metaverse + its a genre unheard of). unexpected to have estimated 500 downloads it really should be up there in top tier apps. grea...
Johnson Vu
Such a cool, new and unique experience. 5/5 would recommend highly
Jules Sloggett
Switched to android after being with iphone and love i could bring my account over honestly best app to motivate me to walk more
JJ Kash