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About OnTrack

OnTrack mobile application ensures smooth interaction between drivers and dispatchers – improved communication and task management are now easily controlled with just a few clicks.

Bottom Navigation - Three main modules – Task, Camera and Chat stay on the bottom of the screen enabling quick and effortless navigation on the system and making it easy for drivers to find what they need at any time.

Task – User-friendly task management module keeps drivers informed about the created task and gives the possibility for dispatchers to monitor their progress. Once the task is created on the system, drivers instantly receive an in-app notification and see the details such as waypoints, estimated time of arrival, and additional notes.

Photo – Readily-accessible photo function allows drivers to take a picture and send it to dispatchers in a few seconds. This option prevents excess messaging and provides the dispatcher with a more comprehensive understanding of the situation.

Chat – Together with the custom option to send messages, the intuitive chat module facilitates thorough communication by transferring various files (up to 3 MB) between drivers and dispatchers. Additionally, App users can see the status of the exchanged messages (e.g., Seen, Not Seen) and receive notifications as soon as a new message is received.

Eco-Driving – Advanced driver behavior monitoring module promotes driver proactivity. It lets drivers track their performance in terms of specific parameters (e.g., average speed, harsh braking events, fuel consumption) and improve if needed.

Pity this isn't available on Apple iOS as it would be very useful.
Steven Brady
Works well with J2, S8+, S7 and Note4 devices. App saves time in normal logging and also is easy to use. 5/5.
Rajneel Ram
Matas B