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About 21 Entrepreneurial Habits~Free

All Successful Entrepreneurs world-wide have few common characteristics or habits irrespective of the business and country they operate from. These habits are not just business habits, rather it has Spiritual and also Psychological aspects also.

This book is a great thought provoking and well done research to provide the users with all the 21 habits to make you succeed in your Entrepreneurial Journey.

- A Few thought-provoking questions for you-

Are you unhappy about your current Job?
Do you want to get some inspiration from the greatest entrepreneur start-up success stories ?
Do you want to know the Habits of effective entrepreneurs and Smart Habits of Millionaire Entrepreneurs ?
Are you unhappy about your business growth?

If answer is YES, then you are in the right place.

This book can inspire people who are working for somebody as an employee to get out of the golden cage and it can easily help people who are already entrepreneurs to succeed like never before. Start using the success habits proactively and start winning with less stress because it fine tunes your entrepreneurial skills

This is a Free Version.
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Few of the 21 chapters in this book are
- Importance of Vision and Mission and Goals
- The Habits and Attitudes of Successful Business
- Who are Industrialist people , What does industrialist mean and What Does A Industrialist Do ?
- A Entrepreneur start-up checklist of What goes wrong and What goes right!
- Best Work habits of entrepreneurs
- Entrepreneur innovation theory and Small business risk analysis
- fear of failure phobia
- risk averse attitude
- conquering the fear of rejection
- what is 80 20 rule and Pareto analysis
- The Habits and Attitudes of Successful Business person
- importance of deed of trust
- problems associated to disharmony in people of your business
- handling changes and uncertainties
- mindset of a serial entrepreneur
- entrepreneur vs self-motivated employee
- How to Kill Boredom
- Why is Relaxation important to be an Entrepreneur ?

Its very understandable
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Great collection
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the best..
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