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About EMC Racktor ST

Midi/OSC controller for DAW like Ableton Live, FL Studio, Cubase, Reason, Renoise and many others.
ST release is designed for tablet screens.

Among the many features offered by Racktor, here are a few:
- Lot of presets among :
    * 4 combinable decks.
    * Full screen keyboard.
    * Very complete Mixer with 18 bands (and sends A-B for effects, pan, filters...)
    * "Live" with 16 pads + 16 knobs + transport buttons : play/rec/forwards..etc..
- Controllers fully programmable : midi mapping, color, label (save and load these setups too).
- No latency.
- Connect to your computer via bluetooth.
- Smart Focus on the controllers.

And above all: ST can be used together with the CK phone release with the same Racktor Desktop.
Or, you can use multiple ST and / or CK together!

Tip : For the mixer preset, don't map the solo/mute bottons, they act directly on the faders midi signals.
Tip2 : You can setup several controllers (of the same type) at the same time.

For the bluetooth connection, you must use Racktor Desktop on PC/Mac side.
You must first have Java installed on your PC/Mac, if it's not the case, install it from :
Racktor Desktop are available at: (for Windows) (for Mac or Linux)

Since the latest version, I don't have problems on my Nexus 7 anymore. Now on to requests: I would like to request an Instant Mapping file for Ableton 9, moreover I would like to request improvement of the c...
A Google user
Would be really good, but on a Note 10.1 tablet, the bottom of the screen is rendered underneath the status bar, so you can't access the low end of sliders etc....please fix ! .......Thanks dev !
A Google user
Using a Google nexus 10, 32 GB. Edit June 23rd, 2013: Well worth the money. Developer offered constant feedback. No complaints here.
A Google user
Bluetooth.. no need for internet connection. no latency... Will be replacing my novation hardware with this digital app for live djing and performances.... PLEASE ADD A CROSS Fader! But even without.. i j...
A Google user