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About MyOeno

MyOeno has developed a scanner connected to a mobile application that objectively characterizes the style of the wine you are savouring, memorizes your preferences and makes appropriate suggestions.

How does it work?

Just immerse the MyOeno Scan in your glass and receive instantly the ID of the wine you’re tasting on your smartphone. You will know its strength, tannins, acidity and evolution levels. And now you just have to mark this wine according to your taste. MyOeno builds your favorite wine tastes all along your degustations and suggests you similar wines that you should appreciate. And now imagine when you are in front of a wine (in a supermarket or restaurant). You just have to take a picture of the label and the application gives you its ID from the previous tests already completed by the community.
You do not need to open the bottle to know its style. And you can buy it in complete confidence.

The main functions of the MyOeno application are (1):

- Identify all styles of red wines
- Define your favorite styles
- Find easily similar wines

Do I need the MyOeno Scan to use the application?

Without the device, you can't scan a wine and create your own profil. However, you can access to the database and explore the different styles of wines all around the world.

(1) Somes functions requiring the connection of a MyOeno Scan to BLE 4.1 or higher

Great wine scanner!
Antoine Chalons
Enhancing your wine experience! "Do you like this wine?" Your answer might be "absolutely! Love it!" And you May struggle explaining why. Well this app & tool helping you in selecting wines that will meet yo...
Chris Haney
Great App. I find it useful in so many ways. So useful as a knowledge and data source, recording memories, exploring the world of wine in a way that gently expands from known "styles" rather than in a random...
Emily Holman