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About PPKP

Suddenly the Monster Corps attacks and breaks the city. Be the hero who will revive the city while taking down monsters.

- Scrapyard
Get building materials by smashing old cars to pieces. The more fingers on that button the better.

- Restaurant
Replenish your strength and boost your combo powers while gaining needed experience to level up.
Don't worry about losing some fights; the restaurant is always open to satisfy your appetite. So go out and challenge those monsters again and again.

- Dojo
Ancient scrolls of martial arts are available for you to learn. Learning more martial arts allows you to upgrade the dojo and learn much more.
Don't forget to check the hidden room for the forbidden techniques.

- Laboratory
Do you want upgrades? The laboratory has them. From special goggles that let's you see the monsters weaknesses, to power ups that will make you the best monster hunter, the laboratory has them all.
Some power ups will gain experience if equipped at your house.

- People
Tapping on people in the city will give you some nice hints. Animals also deserve some of your tender taps.

Great old school beat em up.
Rafael Oviedo
A very great game that has amazing controls that are easy to play with
OrangeJuice God
My only complaint is there seems to be a bug in the airport boss. His eyes don't shine to signal which block to use, unlike all other enemies. UPDATE: Had to start from the beginning after uninstalling and r...
John Connors