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About Spelling Challenge - Free

Test your spelling skills and challenge people from all around the world in our newest English spelling word game called Spelling Challenge! Are you good enough in spelling to be able to make it into TOP20 global highscores?

Spelling Challenge is a new educational English spelling game that will check your spelling skills in an entertaining and challenging way! The game contains hundreds of misspelled English words, addicting and original gameplay, global leaderboards and a lot of other features that will improve your spelling skills in an original and enjoyable way! You will never fail in spelling test at school again!


* Educational and challenging English vocabulary spelling game not only for kids but for all ages
* Thousands of most misspelled words included
* Fast paced brain game
* Great way to improve your spelling skills, grammar and vocabulary knowledge
* Global leaderboards included - submit your score and compare it with other people all around the world
* Review your spelling progress and words in which you made mistakes
* A must game for all the spelling bee game fans
* Simple to play, no need to read instructions
* 100% free full version
* From a creator of 10+ popular spelling games


There will be shown a word on a screen and your task is to decide if the word is spelled correctly or not! You must answer correctly a number of words that equals to "LIMIT" number at the top of the screen in order to progress to the next level! Watch out, you can make max 5 mistakes in each level. Also watch out for time limit shown under the word. If you lose the level, you can play it again (max three times) from the level you failed, otherwise you will have to start over.


Your score depends on your speed and number of mistakes you make. There is also an overall score = total score from all games you ever played, so more times you play = better score you get!

Have fun with our game Spelling Challenge and if you find any bug or if you have any idea to improve the game, please let us know!

(If you enjoy the game, please leave a rating and some comment, it helps us a lot in adding new and mainly free features.)

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It is really nice &helpful
Ramya E
Amazing super game
Jackson Bambiso
Reallygreat and fun
Ikpe Nathaniel
I love it
ifeoma ugwu
Terri Torkelson
Learning how to spell is super fun with Spelling Challenge
Pamela McCloud