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About Papa's Cupcakeria HD

NOTE: This game is designed for tablets only!


Papa's Cupcakeria has opened in the picturesque town of Frostfield, and you're in charge of baking and decorating cupcakes in the shop! Work your way through all of the holidays of the year, and master all four stations of the restaurant to become a cupcake crafting master.

You'll need to multitask to handle all of the separate areas of the restaurant, and each step is a hands-on process. Choose the correct pan liners and pour just the right amount of gooey batter into each. Slide the pan into the oven and bake them to perfection. Twist and swirl frosting onto the cupcakes, and carefully shake and drizzle the correct toppings onto each. Add festive decorations on top, and serve the delicious cupcakes to your hungry customers!


Holidays have arrived on your tablet! As you level up and build a loyal customer fan base, you'll notice the seasons changing all around you, bringing exciting new holidays on a regular basis. You'll unlock a variety of batters, drizzles, shakers, and toppers for each holiday of the year, including some brand-new holidays that weren't included in the classic game! Each customer has a favorite holiday, and will visit the shop to order something special with these holiday ingredients during their favorite season.

Play as James or Willow, or create your own custom character to work in the Cupcakeria! Visit the Shop to find an extensive wardrobe of clothing and accessories for your workers, which you can buy with your hard-earned tips. In this new version of Papa's Cupcakeria, there is also a wide selection of holiday-themed clothing that you can wear to get in the holiday spirit. If your worker is wearing clothing that matches the current holiday, your customers will give you even more tips!

The restaurant also includes a Dining Room where customers can sit and enjoy their freshly-baked cupcakes, and you can hire a Server to help you take their orders. Hire James or Willow as your Server, or create another custom character to staff your restaurant. All of the clothing and accessories you buy in the Shop can be used by both of your workers, so you can coordinate their uniforms or give them each their own style!

The customizable lobby is back, with new themes of furniture and decorations for each holiday of the year! Decorate the restaurant with holiday decorations and your customers won't mind waiting even longer for their food. You can also change the wallpaper, flooring, countertop, and trim, which will change the decor in the Dining Room as well!

Play Foodini's Mini-Games after each workday to earn new clothing for your workers and furniture for your restaurant. Complete all of the levels in each Mini-Game to earn a special Rare Prize with extra points for your lobby decoration score! Complete all of the levels again to earn a second and then a third Rare Prize to complete your collection!


Hands-on cupcake shop in the Papa Louie universe
Updated and remastered for tablets
Multi-tasking between batter, baking, frosting, and topping
12 separate holidays to unlock, each with their own ingredients
Custom chefs and servers
Tons of furniture and clothing items to decorate your shop and workers
96 customers to serve with unique orders
Over 115 ingredients to unlock
Purchase shop upgrades with your earned tips
Challenging Closers and Food Critic
90 in-game Achievements

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I am literally ADDICTED. I can never stop myself from playing, I love it so much. I know the price makes it undesirable, but the game is SO worth it! Overall, great an seriously addicting game!
Emma Campbell
Takes me back to when I was younger I looooove Papa's gamesπŸ˜‚πŸ’—
Shaly CM
So much fun! I love all the different customers and holidays!
molly madeleine
This game is fun,but it gets boring if you play a lot tbh.
Giselle A
Great game
Didn't play the game just yet on here.but I've played it on my school computer before . And it was all completed . Now to play on here! πŸ˜ƒ
hola It's. A button dude!