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About Sand Draw Sketch Drawing Pad: Creative Doodle Art

Sand Draw is a fun drawing app which lets you draw free art on realistic beach sand! It's the ultimate unreal exhilarating drawing pad!

After a couple of minutes sketching with the unreal Sand Draw it will be hard for you to stop drawing, since the result you get looks so real as you continue to sketch, and easily achieved. Suitable for kids.

Want to draw and doodle a new sand draw? Just shake the device, and let the unreal sketch pad waves wipe out the sand - kids love it!

Sand Draw can be used to send a romantic greeting to your loved one, play Tic-Tac-Toe and other games, or just draw whatever comes up on your mind! It's a fun drawing app! Draw as many drawings as you like.

Special needs teachers have reported to use it with kids with autism as a words spelling aid.
You can draw on rocky sand, lava sand, unreal dead sea muddy sand, grassy sand, white beach and many more.

With Sand Draw Free your sand drawings will look more like sand painting as it is the ultimate sketch pad. Your line drawing will look smooth and realistic with unlimited free drawings, easy, quick and fun.

Sand draw app is suitable for children and adults as one, so you could sketch together any painting or sand art that your heart follows on your beach drawing pad. Teachers have testified this app is great with special needs and kids with autism & use it as part of the Orton Gillingham approach.

You can also paint the color of the sand with one touch, try and switch those colors!
There is no need to know how to draw, to take drawing lessons or be a drawing guru, go ahead and doodle around your paintings using it a drawing pad or sketch pad, and become a digital artist!
Save your artwork to your local artwork gallery or share your graphic design via social networks or mail.

It's wonderful with burnishing, chiaroscuro, cross hatching and even linear perspective & atmospheric perspective drawing methods.

Con esta aplicación es muy fácil de dibujar y diseñar el dibujo!

Sand draw is one of the best kids doodle & drawing apps out there - it is great & fun for any kid's entertainment.
Some teachers wrote reviews about Sand Draw and its benefits especially for kids with special needs and autism.

The full version features a special 'sea view' ability plus special abilities to select the colors of the beach, sea & sky, which makes doodling and drawing much more enjoyable and entertaining.
- Recommended for special needs children with autism.

Draw ahead your wildest imaginative concepts from your head, it's easy to draw with this virtual beach sand since there is an easing drawing mechanism which softens the drawing strokes which let's you express your creativity better just by doodling - you will get a smooth drawing art.

* great for orton gillingham approach and for kids with autism & special needs.

Go ahead, and try to draw, doodle & paint with the sand draw app. It's free, fun and great for kids :-)

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I love this app .It is amazing
Sanjeev Venkatesh
I like it
Usha Rana
The best Sing ever made in the world
Madison Mcpherson
It's fun and amazing
Ziggsta Sumner
Nice work 😁
Waris Maxamud
Stacy Shealy