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About Enigmata: Stellar War

You are the Unit Commander, your job is to explore the galaxy, build a base to defeat swarms of enemies! This is a defense game with no limits to how you can design your base, and extreme customizability. Use real-time skills to fight enemies. Battle your base against other players in the SW Battle Arena! Join the growing Stellar War community on Discord!

Game Features:
- Explore over 15 levels
- Over 25 units you can build
- Bonus games and missions
- Soundtrack by Hypnoprism
- Ad-free

Bonus Content is a one time purchase which unlocks:
- Three extra levels
- New units and features
- Battle other bases in the SW Battle Arena

Note: For users with older phones, go to Options/More Options and turn on "Low Res" for better performance and less likelihood of crashing!

Vamael Vearien
A great game from a great dev. However the download is quite low. People need to see your game. some adds it might help. with the flashy screen and explosions people will surely love it only if they saw your...
skumah z
Big fan of the whole Enigmata series. Can't wait for you to make a mobile version for the classic edition.
G Squirrel