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About Rugby Dood

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Rugby Dood is a must have application for rugbycoaches. A great clipboard or playbook application, it allows users to touch and move players around on a field and then layer on doodles and text. Once happy with the image, users can then save image. Saving a series of player positions can also be used to make animations that can be shared. Can be used on phone or tablet, buy once!

- BETA - video recording of animations
- quick play area transitions or use multitouch to position field
- move players, add pylons, refs and a ball
- save/share images & animations
- add text and move it around
- various doodles such as arrow line or dotted line

Please email me for support or feature requests: [email protected]

Tanya Swart
Incredibly good and useful!!!
Razvan Ro
great game!
Gillian Larkin