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About Pipefitter

Application Pipefitter allows you to calculate odd angles, elbows, tees, problematic offset pipes and mark them with measuring tape, caliper or height gauge on the work bench. You can measure everything in a simple way: from "face to face", or ”center to center”, and quickly get the solution in the App. Standard pipe sizes and long radius elbows (including ANSI and DIN) can be selected from the list of up to 40 inches.
The entire process consists of three steps:
1) determining the purpose of calculation (question mark symbol)
2) entering the data
3) displaying the result of a calculation.

The result: we have all the necessary information which are needed to create and fold your pipe. Drawings clearly show you the way of what you are looking for and what you need to do. It speeds up the process of work of pipe fitters.
The application is being updated all the time and oriented to develop and extend, basing on suggestions of other pipe fitters.

Easy to use and runs on my crap work phone with no crashing!
Makes a terrible pipefitter like myself a great one
dylan downer
Great app for everyday calculations as a Pipe/steam fitter. Keep up the good work
Josse Samsom