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About Boat Docking Simulation

You have always wanted to know how to dock a boat? These techniques, as well as all other techniques are included in this interactive "Boat Docking Simulation" course.

All maneuvering techniques can be viewed step by step by means of interactive films or in the simulator, where you can try it under different conditions, like prop walk, wind, leeway, advance and more.

For example, various possible docking techniques are presented and explained. In addition to the basics such as boat types, leeway, prop walk (wheel effect), also common rookie mistakes are presented and explained. This is perfectly suited for presentation purposes.

It also contains exercises that can be performed with the crew whilst on board.

Basics: Crew instruction, Language on board, Safety on board, boat types, Marinas, Berths,

Cruise Technique: Basics, The Prop Walk, Leeway and advance, Influence of wind, leading technique, Flow against the rudder blade, Lever effect, Turn on the spot, The bow thruster, Rookie mistakes.

Docking: Alongside, Alongside with bow thruster, thrusting into stern line,
Thrusting into Amidspring, Thrusting into Forespring,Med Mooring, berthing at piles, berthing at Finger jetties, Stern to pier.

Undocking: Preparations, Stern first with bow spring, Bow first with stern line, Alongside with bow thruster, Mooring Basics, Cast off from mooring systems, Cast off Amidspring, Cast off from piles, Cast off from Finger jetties.

Buoys: mooring at buoy, cast off at buoy, utilize prop walk, with the stern.

Anchoring: The basics, anchoring maneuver, landfast, stern to pier.

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I find this to be just what I need to stay in practice. Not sailing every weekend as i did before I was looking for a sim to keep the many maneuvers and technical situational awareness challenges that happen...
Briant D
Very nice, good combination of theory and practice.
Marek Štrop