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About LittleFish POS : Point Of Sale, Stock, Back Office

A free point of sale platform that enables you to run your business, go paperless, track stock, manage your customers, manage your income and expenses and much more all in the palm of your hand! Start making more money today!

Using our point of sale, you will serve your customers fast and never lose sight of any transaction!

Accept SnapScan and Zapper Payments!

LittleFish Merchant Features:

✔ Mobile POS System
✔ Manage Products
✔ Manage Employees
✔ Manage Users
✔ Manage Suppliers
✔ Manage Invoices
✔ Manage Expenses
✔ Sophisticated Reports and Dashboards
✔ Send e-receipts (digital receipts)
✔ Transaction History
✔ Inventory Management
✔ Manage Stock Levels
✔ Customer Management
✔ Barcode Scanner
✔ Works Online and Offline
✔ Connects to Existing Hardware
✔ Completely Paperless

Mobile point of sale system features:

1. Add Products to Cart with a Single Tap.
2. Add Custom Sale Amounts
3. Scan Your Products
4. Sell Variable Amounts
5. Checkout (Select the Payment Method)
6. Select Your Customer
7. Email Your Receipt or Print It
8. See your stock levels / inventory counts change in realtime
9. Serve The Next Customer

Within the LittleFish POS: Point Of Sale you will find the below tools, completely free for you to use :)


Create unlimited products with a picture, SKU, cost info and quantity.

Organize products by category;
View stock information in real time;

See right from the checkout screen when a product is running low;

Restock in seconds, with physical counts.

Receive Goods and Match to Invoices, never lose anything.

Stock taking designed to be part of your business, no paper, wireless shelf scanning and instant capture! never print or move your stock around it's time to save time!


Go paperless! Customize receipts. Email your customers a copy of the sales receipt, or send it via messaging app or social network.

Our point of sale remembers everything so you don't need to print / write it down.


Do you want to know how much you sold on a specific day or period? Pull up sales information in seconds. Analyze products sold, view orders, and edit or cancel transactions with just a few taps on your smartphone.


Add unlimited clients to your database. All you have to do is enter a name, email and phone number to create a customer account. You can also link customers to sales to record and track their purchase history.


Work from home, on the street, or anywhere in between. Use LittleFish offline without any interruption and go online to have all sales, products and customer information stored in the cloud.

LittleFish is optimized to save you data and serve customers really fast!


Monitor your sales reports to understand the past, present, and future of your business. Export them to CSV and open on Excel.


• Quick Sale - Sell products that are not in inventory by entering the price and a description (optional) during checkout.

• Give Discounts - Apply discounts during checkout by entering an amount or percentage.

• Multiple Payment Methods - Record multiple forms of payment. Select from Cash, Debit Card, Credit Card, Check or Coupon.

• Charge Sales Tax - Create custom sales tax and include them on the sale.

• Barcode Scanner - Assign barcodes to products and ring up items using your camera as a Barcode Reader.


LittleFish Merchant is a good sales app solution for:

✔ Mobile POS
✔ Sales App
✔ Cash Register App (Till)
✔ Cashier App
✔ Product Manager
✔ Store Manager
✔ Sales Manager
✔ Street Vendor App
✔ Receipt App
✔ Sales Catalog

Tried and Tested to:

✔ Manage Home Business
✔ Manage Small Business
✔ Manage Retail Store
✔ Manage Café
✔ Manage Bar
✔ Manage Kiosk
✔ Manage Food Truck
✔ Manage Carwash
✔ Manage Shop

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Very good app
Vanessa Anyakun
This seems too good to be true. I have to set aside time to dig into this app to be sure that it's what it seems to be. I am starting a small business and I have been looking for something like this to run m...
Claude Archary
This sounds super-good. It is certainly a game-changer in the POS industry. Just a few clarifications needed though: 1. Can I create multiple accounts to be accessed from different devices, and sync the tran...
Leakey Brian