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About CONNECT - CrewLounge AERO

The new calendar app for airline pilots, flight attendants and ground staff.

CrewLounge CONNECT retrieves your planned flight schedule straight from the airline crew web portal.

The app connects to more than 80 different crew management systems, like AIMS, Sabre, CrewLink NetLine, FliCa, AirCrews, eBase2Go, CrewDock, etc. We import rosters from more than 300 airlines, straight from your mobile phone.

View your roster offline, keep track of roster changes, share your roster with friends and family.

CrewLounge CONNECT comes with these great features :

Export your flight schedule to any calendar (share with family)
Share your roster with friends (view the roster of your colleagues)
Chat 1-on-1 and 1-on-Crew for any flight or layover (you do no longer need to create a group through social media)
Carpool with colleagues (find nearby crew on your flight)
Meet people in outstation (for eating, sporting, dancing, or dating)
Contact the crew on another flight (when you travel as passenger on a different airline)
Several tools for passenger headcount, in-flight rest time, hotel pick-up time, currency rates
Share hotel room list, remember wifi password, trace your car parking position
Destination briefing (weather, notams, time zone, places to visit)
Duty History (how many weekend Off Days did I get in 2019, etc)
Export flights and simulator to your pilot logbook

You can test this app without any registration or payment. Just hit the DEMO button and the app downloads your roster from your airline.

Important Notes :

1) This app does not support other airlines than listed in the app. If your airline is not listed, just contact us and we’ll be happy to add your company or organisation too.

2) Future changes to the airline websites may cause the CrewLounge CONNECT app to become incompatible. While we do every effort to update the app whenever an airline changes its web portal, successful connection cannot be guaranteed in the future.

3) Disclaimer : While every effort is done to avoid bugs, the author shall not be held responsible for any errors with the app and the results caused by these errors, such as late sign-in or no show for a company duty ! Always refer to your official roster.

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I love the app, just the way I wanted.
Sandy'z Wanderlust Vlogz
Probably the best scheduling program out there. Works great.
Greg Custer
I updated my Macbook to Catalina. So my MCC Pilot Log app did not work anymore. I downloaded the new Pilot Log app but I was not able to transfer the MCC Pilot Log data. So luckily the Crew Lounge support te...
René Meier
Excellent app, always updating and very helpful customer support with almost instant help!
Μιχάλης Ελευθερίου
Couldn't miss it...
Bart Parisis