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About Pix Video Downloader

Pix Video Downloader is a handy web video downloader. It is a fast and easy way to download the videos you need to your device. It is safe and stable and 100% free.

Full-featured built-in browser
1. Privacy browsing
2. Ad-blocking
3. 5x faster download speeds

Pix Video Downloader is able to download video files that play online. It also allows you to download videos from social media to watch offline.

Pix Video Downloader is also very easy to use, it automatically detects when you open a web page, finds video files in all resolutions and prompts you. All it takes is a single click to download.

In addition to detecting videos, Pix Video Downloader is also a download manager. You can start multiple download tasks at the same time and start multi-threaded downloads. You can also pause and resume download tasks. You can also access the source page of the download task.

Download Steps
1. open the app
2. Enter the url
3. click on the download video button

Features of Pix Video Downloader
1. compatible with more video sites.
2. Support multi-task management, recover failed tasks, visit to download source page.
3. Social media video download. Can be downloaded through the url shared by the social software app.
4. Mp4, avi video parsing and download.
5. Fast and easy to download, completely free of charge
6. built-in offline video player, you can watch videos directly in the app.
7. multi-threaded, multi-tasking downloader.
8. support multi-resolution video. Including HD, 4k and other HD resolutions.
Support SD card, support save to custom path.
10. Support background download
11. Support for privacy protection

Pix Video Downloader is not only a browser, but also a convenient, easy, fast and safe downloader. Try it now.

Disclaimer (Legal)
1. Please understand that for legal reasons, some websites cannot be parsed.
2. any unauthorized infringement of intellectual property rights is the responsibility of the user, and the software does not encourage infringement.
3. The app is not affiliated with any video sites or social media.

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