What will mobile apps be like in 2023?

This is a difficult question to answer, as the mobile app market is constantly evolving and it is hard to predict what will be popular in five years’ time. However, there are some trends that suggest what kinds of apps will be popular in 2023.

One trend is the increasing popularity of apps that offer a personalized experience. This could mean apps that are tailored to an individual’s interests or that offer a unique service that is not available on other apps. Another trend is the increasing use of artificial intelligence in apps. This could be used to provide a more personalized experience or to offer new features that make the app more useful.

Another trend is the increasing use of Augmented Reality (AR). This could be used to create more immersive experiences or to offer new ways to interact with the app. For example, an app could use AR to allow users to see how a piece of clothing would look on them before they buy it.

Finally, there is the trend towards more social and collaborative apps. These kinds of apps will allow users to connect with each other and work together on tasks or projects.

All of these trends suggest that mobile apps in 2023 will be more personalized, more useful, and more social than they are today.