Best Novel Planner App for Writers, Pluot Writing Website App

Write your screenplay or novel using Pluot the plot planner and story outline tool that comes with extensive character worksheets as well as the ability to create scenes, locations, and storyline design.

Simply put, what Pluot is for, the intuitive character and story planning app for writers.

Writers write their stories prior to when they begin writing, so that they are aware of what's going to transpire. Planning is a crucial aspect of creating a great story.

The story of the mountain

1. Opening - Begin your story by creating an intriguing protagonist and determine where the story will to occur.

For instance: A knight living in a tranquil village.

2. The build-up - What's going to take place during your novel? Include some issues or a mystery that you need to solve.

For instance: A wicked wizard kidnaps the King.

3. Problem - Choose what issue your character is going to face and overcome. Perhaps a dragon or a wicked wizard has caused trouble within the city?

For instance: The wizard is armed with an erupting dragon that is locked in his cave, protecting his.

4. Resolution - How will your character tackle the issue? How can they resolve it?

For instance: The knight frees the dragon from its chains, granting him freedom. In gratitude, the dragon helps the knight. The knight locates the king, and the dragon devours the wizard!

5. The end of the story Which character will you be? You can add a surprising twist!

For instance: The knight and the dragon become allies and companions and bring the king back to the place he was thrown. The entire kingdom is in celebration.

Pluot Writing App Features:

  • It is easy to create and reorder scenes using drag-and-drop
  • Create multiple storylines with color coded in one story outline
  • Link scenes to characters, locations , and storylines to build interconnected plot lines
  • Complete and detailed character development worksheets , with more than 70 fields that allow you to design distinctive and complex charactersYou can scroll and look through the characters, scenes and locations you've designed to imagine your plot before beginning to write your next great screenplay or novel
  • Check out the number of scenes in which your characters are in, as well as locations and storylines in
  • Export complete outline of characters, scenes and locations in JSON and Plain Text to save and communicate your ideas* Import full outline of characters, scenes, scenes and storylines to make it easy to transfer between devices
  • Dark Mode and Light Mode themes
  • English and Spanish translation
  • Designed specifically for screenwriters and novelists to write novels, books and screenplays
  • Free of charge with no advertisements... Simply outline and then write

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of writers is Pluot helpful?

Pluot is made for people with a narrative. As a plot-planning and tool for story outlining, it comes that includes detailed character worksheets as well as locations, scene and storyline development It is beneficial for screenwriters, novelists, animators, playwrights, graphic novelists as well as video game writers. Dungeon Masters and all between.

Do I have the ability to create multiple outline?

Yes! You can make unlimited outline.

Can I use Pluot on multiple devices?

Pluot currently doesn't allow cloud syncing between devices, but there is a plan to add this feature in the near future.

It is feasible to save your outline into the JSON file, which you could later import to another device, however there is no real-time sync.

Can I export my outline?

Yes you can export your outline to the JSON file to transfer information to different devices. You can also to plain text files after you've finished your outline and are prepared to write!

Are there any iOS or web-based version?

Pluot is available exclusively through the Google Play Store, which is accessible on Android devices as well as Chromebooks.

How can I help the growth of Pluot?

If you'd like to help the improvement of pluot writing website app, you can leave reviews for Google Play. Reviews and ratings are crucial to the development of the app.

There's a project for crowdsourced translations which allows you to add and improve the quality of translations.

You can install Pluton android app via apppage app store.